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May 2010 Issue --> Internet Marketing Promotion Article
Gaining Trust with Your Prospects
By: Cathleen Fillmore

As a trainer, consultant or professional speaker, here's what you need to think about when you create promotional material.

Don't list all your accomplishments.

First, you need to gain attention by using a provocative title.

Your speech or course title and positioning statement need to appeal to the emotional part of your prospect's brain. That's the beginning, that's the attraction process.

Actually, the first response (and it's a subtle one) is actually a physical reaction to your promo material. When it really hits the spot with your prospect, they get what I call an 'incline towards' feeling.

Your promo material is a kind of invitation that needs to have great copy and great graphics and a very compelling promise.

Your material is, after all, an invitation. It needs to be textually and graphically appealing with just a small touch of magic added!

Use words that make the person reading feel more attractive, stronger, more powerful rather than using words that rob energy or that are patronizing in any way.

Overly-earnest words that attempt to appeal to a corporate buyer simply act as a sleeping potion.

Don't you yourself get a immediate physical reaction to certain words and images? Pay more attention to this response in the next week and see what book or movie titles make you want to know more.

Some words are energizing, some words fall flat and drain your energy.

Beautiful words can leave you with a wonderful feeling.

Reread your current material and judge how your body reacts to it. If it doesn't move you either physically or emotionally, then you'll need to change it.

Once you're sure that your material appeals to your buyer's emotional centre, much of your work is done. This simple action means thousands of dollars in returns to you over the years and puts you way ahead of many of your competitors. Most people simply don't bother.

Now that you've touched the emotional centre of your buyer's brain, remember that this is the most vulnerable part of the brain and where the fight and flight centre resides. The initial attraction part of the brain (much like love at first sight) is totally irrational and your client will be prepared to run in case this turns out to be a scam.

Buyer's remorse resides in this side of the brain.

That's where you need to provide solid evidence (testimonials, detailed descriptions, desired outcomes, credentials) to back up your invitation. That's when you need to make that follow up phone call and perhaps a reference from someone the buyer trusts. That's where you may need to provide solid value to the buyer before you're hired.

You know that you have personally gone through this buying process and that it's 100% worth your time to analyze your promotional material before sending it out.

In an economy that goes up and down like hemlines, you have to be special in order to stand out from the crowd. I know that's you!

About the Author:

If you'd like to find out more about professional speakers #1, then read about Cathleen's consulting services by going here: http://www.6figurespeaker.com/.
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